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Commercial Door Repair and Lock Fitting

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Aluminium framed and APG (Armour Plate Glass) doors can often be found on commercial properties and require a different skill set to your standard domestic wooden or uPVC doors. Having been trained by the Master Locksmiths Association and with many years practical experience we can help with any problems or upgrades required on these type of doors. We have an extensive stock of parts to get the job done on the first visit with as little fuss as possible as we know that a door being out of operation can have a detrimental impact on your business.


Locks are generally either euro cylinder or screw in mortice type which are fitted to a wide variety of lock cases including hooklock, barbolt and deadlatch from manufacturers such as Adams Rite and Alpro. Flush bolts are often fitted to the slave leaf of a double set of doors to secure it before locking them both together with the locks on the master or main door. We stock all varieties and can replace or fit them from scratch.

Door Closers

Often concealed in the overhead transom or in the floor, door closers are an important part of the door operation and often go unnoticed until they start to fail. If the door is closing too fast it can make it difficult for users to get through in time and the sound of the door banging shut all day is not only annoying but will reduce the life of other door components. A door which closes too slowly increases heat escape and may not have enough force to latch the door shut. Speed adjustments are relatively easy to perform and may be required several times a year due to fluctuations in temperature which can affect the pressure of the oil in the closer.

Door closers which are leaking oil or are failing to shut have more serious problems and will likely need replacing, this usually means the door will have to be removed in order to access the closer.

Door Alignments

We often get called to doors which are dragging on the floor or not fully closing which require adjustments or replacement parts. Floor pivots and shoes in particular wear out and we often advise to have these replaced at the same time as other work if we are needing to remove the doors. We stock a wide selection of parts for all eventualities, there’s nothing worse than starting a job and finding you don’t have what you need.

Access Control

Commercial doors often incorporate some form of access control to limit access to authorised users. Access control can be provided in many ways using electric strikes or locks which require valid users to present credentials in the form of key fobs, pin codes, biometric readings etc. in order to gain entry. We are often asked to work alongside access control companies to install the physical hardware required to the doors and are also able to help when parts fail and require repairing.

Electric Strike Fitting

Electric Strike Fitting