Emergency Lockout Service
Non destructive entry Locksmith in Skelmersdale - Paladin Locksmiths
24 Hour Call Out Service
Emergency Lockout Service
Emergency Lockout Service

If you are locked out of your home, business, vehicle or safe then we can get you back in quickly. With an average response time of just 20 minutes we won’t leave you standing in the cold for long. [Click for more]

Non destructive entry - Paladin Locksmiths

Non-destructive entry is a way to open locks or systems without causing damage... [Click for More]

Non destructive entry
Emergency Lockout Service
24 Hour Call Out Service

In a world that operates around the clock, the need for certain services never takes a break. Among the unsung heroes who provide help at any hour of the day or night is the 24-hour locksmith... [Click for more]

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Police Approved Key Safes – The Secure Way To Store Keys

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Police Preferred key safes supplied and fitted by your local Master locksmith Mark. Plenty of safes in stock for quick fitting where needed, no need to wait for delivery. We provide an expert fitting service. Including advice on the best location for your key safe and we will also offer instructions on how to use and set the code. We usually complete the installation in a single visit and typically finish it in under an hour.

What is a key safe and what’s it for?

A key safe, also known as a key lock box or key box. Serves as a secure container used for storing keys in a safe and accessible manner. Commonly used for a variety of purposes, including:

  1. Emergency Access: People often install key safes outside homes and properties to provide a secure and convenient way for authorised people, such as family members, care workers, or service providers, to access the property in case of an emergency.
  2. Property Access: Authorised people use key safes to store spare keys for properties, such as holiday homes, rental properties, or commercial buildings, enabling them to access the keys or access control fobs when needed.
  3. Security: Key safes offer a secure way to store keys.
  4. Convenience: Key safes offer a convenient solution for granting access to properties without the need for physical key handovers. They are especially useful for properties with multiple occupants or frequent visitors.

In summary, key safes serve as a secure and practical solution for storing keys and providing authorised access to properties. Whether for emergency access, property access, security, or convenience, key safes offer a reliable key storage solution for various applications.

Police Preferred and Police Approved, what’s the difference?

The terms Police Preferred and Police Approved refer to the same endorsement from Secured by Design. The official UK police initiative that works to improve home security. However, Secured by Design uses the term “police preferred specification.”

What are Police Preferred key safes?

A Police Preferred key safe is a type of key safe that has been approved and recommended by the Police. They meet certain security standards and therefore offer a high level of protection against unauthorised access. Police Preferred status is a certification awarded by ‘Secured by Design’. Designed to provide a secure and reliable means of key storage for emergency access, they give homeowners peace of mind knowing they have protection for their keys.

We typically recommend key safes for those who need to provide access to their property to trusted people. Such as care workers, service providers, or emergency responders. By choosing a Police Preferred key safe, you can have confidence in the security and reliability of your key storage solution. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Police Approved Key Safes